Getting Things Done For
Ankeny's Kids

As the mom of two kids in Ankeny schools, I know how important it is to have strong leaders in our schools. As a civil rights and education attorney, I will be able to use my experience to address the needs of our students and families and the needs of our teachers and staff. 

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Growing Responsibly

Ankeny is planning for incredible growth in the coming years, including the possible need for a third high school. In addition to ensuring that our school district keeps up with this rapid growth, we also need to start thinking about what our students really need. As the district starts planning for a third high school and considering future expansion, we need to be looking at bringing new opportunities into our district. While traditional high school is best for some students, other students may thrive in a vocational training school or more specialized programs, all of which should be closely examined as we plan for our growth.  We also need to ensure we are being responsible with our tax dollars.

Diversity for Ankeny

Ankeny School District needs to make purposeful decisions to ensure every student and family feels welcome and included in our school district. Ankeny is one of the fastest growing communities in the country but Ankeny Schools continue to have issues meeting the needs of our special education students, black and brown students, and many other minority groups. Our community, like many other communities around the country, needs to proactively address the inequities and the lack of diversity education among our students and staff. 

Clean Neighborhood

Rebuild Our Reputation

The next few years are a critical time for our community. We must create an open and honest dialogue between the school district and the families served by Ankeny Schools. Not everyone will agree on everything, but everyone needs to have the chance to be heard. I respect that hard decisions are being made everyday for our school district and those decisions need to be informed by both experts and the families they affect. 

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